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she's a time bomb, with her vibe on

she's gonna use it and surprise 'em

22 January 1987
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Don't be surprised when

old habits die hard.

"I was fourteen when I decided that I wanted to write. Be it poetry, novels, limmericks, jokes, bathroom wall prophecies. It actually didn't matter to me. What mattered was the feeling. I felt fucking cool writing. And if that isn't enough reason on it's own I don't know what is." --Brandon Boyd

discard this message
throw this bottle back into the ocean
rip this page from the history books
smash all the street signs
erase all the maps
forget my name
forget my face
because its gonna rain, its gonna rain
and it never ends...

Matthew DiNicola
3/21/85 - 1/23/04
*only the good die young*

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Oh um I make out with everyone.